HomeOwners FAQ

What is AgentsPresent.com
AgentsPresent.com is a platform created to connect homeowners looking to sell their property, with local top rated Realtors. We assist homeowners in finding the perfect agent to sell their home through our anonymous online property proposal request.
How much does it cost?
AgentsPresent.com is FREE to homeowners. We offer top rated agents an opportunity to compete for the opportunity to interview with potential sellers. We connect homeowners with agents who focus on the things that are important to them based on the property proposal they submit. Our service is offered at no cost with absolutely no obligation.
How does it work?
Once the homeowner submits their online property proposal request it is then reviewed by our in-house team of real estate experts and distributed to at least 3 top rated agents within the properties market area. Homeowners can anonymously review the agents responses that include their marketing proposals, anticipated commissions charged along with verifiable past client references and much more. Once the homeowner decides on which agent they would like to interview they can select and approve the proposal online within their account. The homeowners contact details are only revealed once they have chosen an agent to interview. Once an agent has been selected they are notified by AgentsPresent.com and are allowed to contact the homeowner.
Who receives my information?
At AgentsPresent.com we respect your privacy and do not share you information with anyone other than qualified Realtors who match the criteria that you have specified. Your contact details are only shared once you have chosen a Realtor to interview. We do not share your information with anyone else at any time.
How long does it take to receive a proposal?
Typically proposals are received 48 hours after submission to AgentsPresent.com. Our focus is on providing homeowners with qualified, top rated agents who are responsive and ready to service you.